Paleo Meal Plan - Nuthera® | Meal Plans for your Goals and Lifestyle
Paleo Meal Plan - Nuthera® | Meal Plans for your Goals and Lifestyle
Paleo Meal Plan - Nuthera® | Meal Plans for your Goals and Lifestyle
Paleo Meal Plan - Nuthera® | Meal Plans for your Goals and Lifestyle

Paleo Meal Plan

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The Most Convenient Way to Eat Clean in Today's Modern World


Average Macros: C : 40% P : 30% F : 30%

starts at 790/day*

  • All-Natural, Premium Ingredients
  • Wholesome, Nutrient-dense always
  • No Processed or Refined Ingredients
  • Gluten, Grain, Dairy* & Soy-Free
  • Made-From-Scratch
  • Anti-inflammatory + Immune-boosting
  • Full Flavored, Never boring

*We use grass-fed butter which is Primal

Have allergies, medical conditions, dietary requests and food preferences? Our Custom Meal Plan is the meal plan for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Exceeded my expectations!

I recently moved to the Philippines but since I arrived, I have been eating out non stop and my body was not happy.. I came across Nuthera through a new friend that was a health enthusiast. At first, I wasn’t sure if getting food delivered and not making my own was going to get me back on track, but to my surprise, the food was very fresh (you could still see the steam in the pack). It was very nutritious and flavourful for what I thought would be “plain” and the cherry on top is the prompt and responsive staff that were accommodating to my dietary request or change in address.. it’s all so stress free, I physically feel better and I have my own time to focus on work or social life when I’m not spending all my time in the kitchen :p I look forward to picking up the food every evening and read the menu for the next day :) highly recommended!

Rachel Bonifacio
They made clean eating effortless and affordable.

I've always known that my body responds well to the paleo diet, but with my busy schedule, I can't sustain prepping food for myself daily. The first week with Nuthera Paleo Diet significantly reduced my bloating and inflammation, and their food aren't boring, which is the best part. My favorite are the paleo pancakes for breakfast! The price range isn't that bad, either, with the serving size that they provide. The delivery fee is free, too, which is awesome. Thank you for making clean eating effortless and affordable. I subscribed for a whole month after being with you for only a week.

Melody Tan
Generally okay

Dishes are generally okay except for some that got spoiled but team replaced them. I love the pastry snacks always

Charles Morales
Worth the Price!

I have been looking for a meal plan provider that fits my schedule since I am working on a night shift. Nuthera delivers a day before.
In terms of food quality and taste, it is really delicious and healthy. Will definitely order again

Christine Angelica Antonio
Angel Antonio - PALEO PLAN

Surprised with the serving size! Wide variety of food and really yummy!