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Paleo diet is one of the topics featured in the latest issue of ABS-CBN Publishing’s Food Magazine.

Editor-in-chief Nana Ozaeta said the beauty of Paleo diet lies in its no-frills approach to healthy eating.

“It may not be for everybody, but it’s all about fresh food and not processed food. There’s enough fat and protein and lots of vegetables. And you don’t have to count your calories, so if you’re feeling hungry, just eat a little more. If you’re working out, you can eat a little more,” Ozaeta said.

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Why YOU should try Paleo Manila

1. Quality Food

When I first heard of Paleo Manila, I got really excited. Unfortunately, it was more than my wallet could handle at that time. I even thought to myself how dieting was so expensive and that I should just NOT eat at all and save money. But after trying Paleo Manila, I’d never look at diets the same way again. First of all, going on a caveman diet on your own is pretty easy but doing it with Paleo Manila will ensure you get top notch and delicious food! The food they prepare isn’t just something you can buy off the shelf or whip up. It’s something that the Paleo Manila team really worked hard on to create.

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It was my stupid and crazy idea that got the Pepper team in this mess in the first place. Immediately filled with regret, I researched the meal plans and decided that the Paleo one looked the most accessible to someone that was new to uhhh, healthy eating or dieting. Day 1, I had my crunchy corned beef and tapa on standby, but I was very surprised that my breakfast wasn’t bad at all- in fact it was pretty darn good. Most meals throughout the week were al delicious, and didn’t make me feel like I was on any diet at all (well, maybe the portions, but I guess they were controlled for not pigging out). 

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For the past month, I have been on the Paleo Diet as a way to detox and reboot. I decided to try Paleo Manila, a food delivery service that specializes in the above. I am given three meals and two snacks daily. I am quite satisfied with the food so far as I was not expecting very much. But to my surprise there were more hits than misses. Creativity in the creation of the dishes was not lost as well as the team behind Paleo Manila tries their best to come up with recipes that prevents culinary ennui considering the limitations: gluten, grain, and dairy free meals.


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The program: Put simply, the Paleo diet prescribes eating the way our ancestors did way, way back in the day (no counting calories here). It's all about saying no to additives and chemicals, and choosing meat, fish, fruits and vegetables over salt, sugar, grains and dairy. If this has you worried about the flavor of your meals, they season their food with plenty of herbs and spices. 
Paleo Manila’s ‘Eat Like a Caveman’ principle ensures every meal is nutritious and free of chemicals and preservatives. Dishes are abundant with meat, fish, fruits and vegetables while grains, dairy, legumes, salt and sugars are avoided. If you think this sounds restricting, order their 3-day diet program and be amazed at how delicious and filling each dish is! If you have a sweet tooth like we do, you’ll be craving their Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding with Bananas and Toasted Coconuts well after your program ends.

According to their website, if you’re looking to lose 10lbs or 200lbs, consistency is the key. Taking the guesswork out of figuring out what’s paleo and what isn’t, this diet service caters to the dieting elite. And when we say elite, we mean the super anal, usually cross-fitter, types. But kidding aside, the chia breakfasts, the delicious trademarked Paleo Manila meals, and the Athlete’s portion option makes Paleo Manila a winner.

It's my first day on Paleo.
I need to cut down on food intake not because I want to lose weight (that's a super added bonus though) but because of my blood sugar levels. I was already hospitalized in 2013 because of uncontrolled blood sugar (aka Diabetes) and I don't want it to happen again. I immediately started my Vegan-turned-Pescetarian diet after that episode but I was able to sustain it for only 8 months. I blame those delicious Pork Buns of Tim Ho Wan for making me fall off the wagon. It went downhill after Witt and I had those yummy soft buns at SM Megamall last May.