Our History

Established in February 2014, Threetop Group Ventures Inc. (TGVI) was born out of the group’s aspiration to make healthy living more convenient to Filipinos. We launched our flagship brand in April 2014, Paleo Manila®, and has since been known as one of the pioneer reliable meal plan delivery services in the Philippines.

Realizing the gap in our country in terms of health, we put all our energies into building a nutrition solutions company that focuses on food manufacturing, meal planning, online bakery and catering services offering a solution to improve the quality of lives of our community.

2014 - The Foundation of Healthful Convenience
In the spirit of bringing healthier living to the Philippines, Threetop Group Ventures Inc. (TGVI) launched its flagship brand, Paleo Manila®, a pioneer in the country's ready-to-eat meal plan delivery service. The brand quickly became synonymous with reliability and quality, committed to serving scratch-made meal plans crafted from all-natural ingredients, free from gluten, grains, dairy, soy, and preservatives.

2017 - Brand Evolution: Nuthera® Emerges
With a deeper understanding of our clients' diverse and individualized needs, we embraced a new identity—Nuthera®. This evolution marked our transition from simply a meal delivery service to an actively growing nutrition therapeutics company, broadening our reach to encompass Custom Meal Plans and the revolutionary Clean Keto Meal Plans.

2019 - Nuthera® Rx: Pioneering Nutrient-dense Medical Meal Plans
March 2019 heralded the introduction of Nuthera® Rx, our medically-focused meal plan array. Tailored to aid in healing and recovery, Rx meals are grounded in the DASH Diet philosophy, addressing chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension with scientifically-backed nutrition.

2020 - NuGrocery: Answering the Call of the Pandemic

The pandemic heightened the need for safe, convenient access to healthy food. Responding to this need, NuGrocery emerged, an online haven offering healthy food essentials and ready-to-eat options, ensuring our community's health and safety amid challenging times.

2021 - Rebranding to our mother brand - Nuthera

This year as the pandemic rose, we rebranded to Nuthera. Our immediate mission to provide high-quality, ready-to-eat meal plans that cater to various dietary needs and preferences soared higher with the renewed focus of wellness post-pandemic. With a focus on nutrition, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our slogan, 
"good food made with you in mind," emphasizes our commitment to delivering personalized meal solutions that prioritize our customers' well-being.

Nuthera's product portfolio includes a diverse range of meal plans such as High Protein+, Low-Carb, Paleo, Clean Keto, Heart-Healthy, Diabetic-Friendly, Food Sensitivity, PCOS-Friendly, and Custom Meal Plans. As a customer-centric brand, we continue to adapt and expand our offerings based on market demand, ensuring that we provide the best possible solutions to help our customers achieve their health and wellness goals.

2022 - A Partnership of Wellness at the ADB
Nuthera was honored to establish a healthy food kiosk within the Asian Development Bank premises, catering to their wellness-centric corporate environment. This alliance opened avenues for nutrition seminars and workshops, significantly amplifying our corporate presence.

2023 - Corporate Catering and Beyond
As businesses reopened post-pandemic, we launched our corporate catering service, reinforcing the newfound ethos that health is wealth. Nuthera® rose to meet the demand for wellness in the workplace, grand re-opening events, offering nourishing catering solutions to rejuvenate the corporate sphere.

2024 - A Decade of Nutritional Excellence
As we approach our 10th anniversary, Nuthera® stands at the brink of a new era. Our vision has matured to not just serve meals, but to enact a lifestyle transformation across the Philippines. We have streamlined our efforts to build a future where Nuthera® is not just a brand, but a beacon for health and a catalyst for change, empowering lives with nutrient-dense meals made from consciously chosen ingredients. Nutrition is our pledge, quality our standard.

We are not just Paleo Manila® or Nuthera® Rx; we are Nuthera®, a name that resonates with dedication, evolution, and the promise of a healthier Philippines. Join us as we celebrate a decade of revolutionizing the way Filipinos experience nutrition, wellness, and healthcare—one meal at a time.

Thoughtfully-made, Nutrient-dense, Made with conscious ingredients.
Nutrition First, Quality Always.

We are Nuthera®.