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Up-close with Dwad Lane | Nuthera®

"My story starts in 2015, when I was still a workaholic, averaging 12-16 hours a day 6-7 days a week - like I'd been doing for 2.5 years. I don't remember for how long, but I'd already been using Nuthera® (formerly Paleo Manila) for at least 1 year, and still going. Fortunately, due to the diet, I was only a little bit chubby. 

However, I had bulging discs in my neck that I'd neglected to take care of until it was too late. I had excruciating nerve pains in my neck and arms, couldn't even look right! It got to a point where the pain was unbearable, and my quality of life was suffering already - so I went to Sydney, Australia to seek treatment. 
Unfortunately, the handful of doctors all agreed that it was too severe, and that surgery was necessary. So, in May 2016, I went ahead with the procedure and had 2 discs removed, 1 with an artificial disc, the other fused - my xray looks like something Wolverine has!
While the procedure was a success, it was a very very difficult and painful recovery. I was on extremely heavy painkillers for around 6 months, which completely messed with my hormones and system.

I got fatter than I'd ever been in my life, and had a whole list of terrible symptoms, including chronic fatigue, low blood pressure, low energy, insomnia, anxiety, depression, uncontrollable weight gain. 

I started the journey January 5th, 2017... And now 16 months, 45lbs, 20% bodyfat, ~300 workouts, 4 pant sizes, 3 shirt sizes, 7 waistline inches, later - I can honestly say that I look and feel WAAY better than I did in my teens or my 20's, let alone my entire life (of being chubby/fat).

I've now learned soooo much about my mind and my body, how it responds to different diets and workouts, what makes me gain, lose, bloated, sleepy, hyper et
I'm legitimately loving every minute of this journey, and am so happy that I decided to change my life and my ways from the old me (workaholic, fat, sedentary, stressed out, unhappy, lethargic, drinking and eating too much, not honoring my body). It's a journey, not a destination ✌🏽 

JAN 2017 VS. MAY 2018

"If a guy who’s had 2 spinal surgeries, an impinged shoulder, shin splints, quadriceps tendonitis, hormonal imbalances, and a whole list of other issues can do it – YOU CAN DO IT!!!" -Dwad Lane

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