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Kath Co (Quezon City, PH)
5++ Stars From A Postpartum Mom!

I was 2 months postpartum when I subscribed to Nuthera’s Customized High-Protein+ Meal Plan for a month. I felt like I needed a bit of help in losing some of my pregnancy weight without sacrificing my breastmilk supply and I also wanted less time planning my daily meals (which has to be nutritious cause I’m breastfeeding) and thought that this was the perfect solution for it! After a month, I lost about 5lbs without sacrificing my milk supply (which even increased!!!) and without feeling restricted or deprived of yummy food (and snacks too). I’m so happy with my Nuthera experience that I’m going to resubscribe for another month and this time tagging my husband along to try. Thank you Team Nuthera!!

Anonymous (Taguig, PH)
Good food but hard to understand

The food was great. One of the best in the field. However, I didn't expect that the regular size was just 1,400 calories. The meal plan differences were quite confusing, especially if you're a first-timer. Best to just indicate how many calories it is.

Then, based from experience from other food suppliers, I recommend that you also include a "how to prep" sticker/note in your plans. If I should microwave or not.

But it we're talking about the quality of food, yours is the best!

Kenwa Mabini (Addition Hills, PH)
What I appreciate the most

Aside from the awesome and definitely not boring food (helps me stay on with my kitchen/diet plans) The customer service is just simply amazing, from the messenger interaction to the delivery, its just superb. I am comparing apples to apples here (tried other meal plan providers) and Nuthera is definitely above market right now. keep the food yummy and the service awesome!

Lodi Grande (Calaocan District, PH)
Good meals

There were times when I received a response that was a bit slow, but overall I was satisfied with the support staff's handling.
Food quality is good and acceptable.
The delivery time frame suits my needs (some other brands deliver too early in the morning).

Iris Comendador (Quezon City, PH)
High Protein Meal Plan

The meals were delicious except for the snacks. the cakes/muffins were a bit dry for my liking. Thanks

Indi Bingbong Padilla (Taipei, TW)
Great Food!

Great tasting food! and good service as well

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