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Heart-Healthy Meal Plan

Heart-Healthy Meal Plan


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The Diet to Manage your Blood Pressure Levels and Keep your Heart Healthy

Average Macros:
C: 50% P: 20% F: 30%
starts at 630/day*

Prioritize your heart health with the utmost confidence by choosing Nuthera's Heart-Healthy Meal Plan—Manila's most trusted solution for cardiovascular wellness. Formulated through rigorous scientific research, our meals are abundant in omega-3s and consciously low in sodium and saturated fats. ❤️

✨ Perfect for managing blood pressure
✨ Designed to lower bad cholesterol
✨ Tailored for those committed to long-term heart health

Choose the market leader for a heart-healthy diet that goes beyond mere meals—it's your comprehensive solution for cardiovascular well-being.

Have allergies, medical conditions, dietary requests and food preferences? Our Custom Meal Plan is the meal plan for you.


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