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Clean Keto Meal Plan

Clean Keto Meal Plan


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The Diet For You To Optimize Fat Loss The Healthy Way

Average Macros: C : 5% P : 20% F : 75% 

Introduce yourself to the gold standard of ketogenic diets with Nuthera's Clean Keto Meal Plan—the first of its kind in Manila. Developed through rigorous scientific research, our meals offer more than just weight loss; they provide a pathway to holistic wellness. 🥑
✨ Rich in high-quality fats 
✨ Low in carbs, but high in nutrients 
✨ Curated for both weight management and medical benefits
Clean, Optimized Energy for Mental Clarity

Discover the healthier, medically-supported way to go keto with Nuthera, Manila's market leader in evidence-based meal plans.

    Have allergies, medical conditions, dietary requests and food preferences? Our Custom Meal Plan is the meal plan for you.

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