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NuLife+ by Nuthera: All-In Expert-Led Nutrition Solution towards a Healthier, Happier You

We have partnered with top lifestyle doctors and nutritionists to offer expert dietary support for various health conditions.

1. Chronic Disease Management: Personalized programs for diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases.

2. Weight Management: Tailored plans to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

3. Nutrition Counseling: Expert dietary advice for various health conditions.

4. Preventive Health: Programs focused on preventing chronic diseases through lifestyle changes.

5. Integrative Medicine: Combining traditional and modern approaches for holistic health.

Our partners include specialists in:

• Digestive health
Weight management
Diabetes care
• Cardiovascular health
• Hormonal Imbalance
• Senior / Aging

Services Offered:

1. Initial Consultation - 30-minute online session to address key dietary issues.
2. Detailed Assessment - 60-minute in-depth consultation for personalized dietary plans.


Program Packages:

4-Week Introduction: Quick start with tailored meals and initial health boost.
12-Week Transformation: Extended program for sustained health improvements.

  • Lifestyle Medicine Consultation: Begin with a personalized consultation with Nuthera's accredited physicians.
  • Nutritionist-Backed Meals: Based on the consultation, dive into chef-crafted, nutritionist-backed meals tailored to your health profile.
  • Flexibility on the Go: Reschedule or pause your meals without a glitch.
  • Unrivaled Customization: Meals that are a true reflection of your dietary choices.
  • Journey Beyond Food: Not just meals, but an immersive lifestyle transformation guided by our partner experts.

NuLife Program Packages

Starting fresh or diving deep – whatever your goal, NuLife+ is here to guide you. Choose what feels right and let's make health simple, together.

Feature 4-week Introduction 12-Week Transformation
What's Inside? A quick introduction to personalized health. A longer journey for noticeable change.
Meals 4 weeks of meals tailored for you. 12 weeks of meals, changing as you do.
Adaptable Schedule Change meal deliveries if your month gets hectic. More flexibility across three months for your busy days.
Check-Ins We'll touch base to see how you're doing. Regular check-ins, because we're in this together.
Results Feel the shift in your energy in just one month. Consistent health boosts and changes over three months.
Best For... Testing the waters, starting fresh. Those ready for a solid commitment to health.

How to Book a Consult

  1. Choose Your Program: Select from our 4-week or 12-week NuLife+ Programs.
  2. Book Your Expert Consultation: Despite your busy schedule, sync with top lifestyle medicine professionals to kickstart your health journey.
  3. Meal Plans for the Modern Professional: Adjust, pause, or reschedule based on your ever-evolving calendar.

Commit to a life of holistic wellness.
Stay at the peak of your performance with premium meals tailored just for you.