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Spiced Cinnamon Apple Pie Chia Pudding

Spiced Cinnamon Apple Pie Chia Pudding


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Indulge in the perfect blend of health and indulgence with our Nuthera Spiced Cinnamon Apple Pie Chia Pudding. This delightful treat offers a nutritious twist on a classic dessert, crafted with care to satisfy your sweet cravings while promoting your overall well-being.

Key Benefits for Health and Wellness Enthusiasts:

  1. Nutrient-Packed Pleasure: Our Spiced Cinnamon Apple Pie Chia Pudding is designed to fuel your body with essential nutrients. Each 12oz cup delivers:

    • Protein Power: 10g of protein for muscle support and satiety.
    • Healthy Fats: 18g of nourishing fats to provide sustained energy and promote a feeling of fullness.
    • Wholesome Carbohydrates: 30g of carbohydrates for a balanced energy boost.
    • Controlled Sugar Intake: Just 16g of natural sugars to satisfy your sweet tooth without overwhelming your health goals.
    • Calorie Consciousness: Only 323 kcal per serving for guilt-free enjoyment.
  2. Irresistible Taste, Wholesome Ingredients: Delight in the deliciousness of our creamy chia pudding base, complemented by cinnamon-dusted chunky apples and velvety coconut cream. Every spoonful is a symphony of flavors that will leave you craving more.

  3. Perfect Add-On to Your Meal Plan: Looking to enhance your meal plan with a guilt-free indulgence? Nuthera Apple Pie Chia Pudding is the ideal choice. Its balanced nutritional profile and nourishing ingredients make it a great addition to your daily routine.

  4. Same-Day Delivery: Order before 2PM, and we'll ensure your Nuthera Apple Pie Chia Pudding reaches you without delay. Our prompt delivery service, with a 3-day lead time, ensures you can start enjoying a healthier version of a classic dessert in no time.

  5. Premium-Quality Ingredients: We take pride in selecting only the finest ingredients for our chia pudding. The recipe includes:

    • Chia Pudding: Water, Coconut Milk, Chia Seeds, Coconut Sugar, Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon.
    • Chunky Apples: Handpicked and paired with natural sweetness from coconut sugar.
    • Coconut Cream: Luscious and rich, adding a velvety texture to every bite.
    • Coconut Oil: To enhance the creaminess and deliver healthy fats.
    • Cinnamon and Sea Salt: Infusing each serving with a touch of warm spice and a pinch of flavor balance.

Storage Guide: Keep your Nuthera Apple Pie Chia Pudding refrigerated at all times to maintain freshness and quality. Consume within the recommended shelf life for the best taste experience.

Don't miss out on this delectable blend of nutrition and indulgence. Make Nuthera Apple Pie Chia Pudding a part of your daily routine, and embark on a delicious journey toward a healthier you. Order now and enjoy the guilt-free pleasure of this irresistible treat!

Ingredients: Chia Pudding (Water, Coconut Milk, Chia Seeds, Coconut Sugar, Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon), Apples, Coconut Sugar, Coconut Cream, Coconut Oil, Cinnamon, Sea Salt

Nutritional Information (per serving):

  • Protein: 10g
  • Fat: 18g
  • Carbohydrates: 30g
  • Sugar: 16g
  • Calories: 323

Serving Size: 1 (12 oz cup)

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