Up-Close with Edward Zshornack - Nuthera® Meal Plans

Up-Close with Edward Zshornack

Being a person who values a holistic approach to health, Edward had been one of our valued clients for years now. The convenience of having access to good nutrition is what he values the most.

What is/are your current health goal/s? Why?

I have a holistic approach to health-- physical, spiritual and mental. For me, being healthy means these three aspects are in harmony as each aspect influences the other. We cannot fulfill our life purpose if we are not in top form.

What did you get to experience in Nuthera (formerly Paleo Manila®)'s service that you chose to commit as a long term client?

I have been aware of gluten-free, grain-free Paleo Diet for years now. I first opted for Nuthera (formerly Paleo Manila®) because of the convenience. It saved me time from the daily chore of preparing meals. Allowing more time for work and play.

I continued with the plan because of the Custom meal plans  and the plus size which ensured my personal preferences were followed and tummy satisfied. Also, the team listens and are open to critiques.

What is/are your piece/s of advice for beginners or people who want to also start a healthier journey just like you?

  • Start with a goal that is measurable and relevant. The latter for motivation e.g. I want to fit into my favorite pair of jeans.

  • Take baby steps. e.g. start with walking and progress to jogging and run a marathon.

  • It is a lifestyle hence commitment is key.

  • Allow yourself a break up to once a week. A cheat day.

  • Treating ones body as a prized possession that should be nurtured and taken cared of.