Corporate Wellness in the Workplace

At Nuthera, we understand the necessity of easy access to healthy food choices, especially in the bustling environments of the workplace. Our food service solutions are designed with convenience, health, and taste in mind, ensuring that your dedicated team never have to compromise on nutrition.



Meal Plan Programs

Invest in your team’s health with our employee meal programs. Subsidize or offer meals at a corporate rate, and watch the transformation in morale and productivity.



Food Service Solutions

Tailored to meet the nutritional needs and taste preferences of your organization, our trayline menus feature a variety of dishes that rotate to provide continuous diversity and interest.



Catering & Events

Invite us on your next wellness event! Nuthera is eager to support your corporate wellness events towards a healthier, happier workplace.



Grab & Go Drop-off Catering

Our Grab and Go service provides a range of ready-to-eat, nutritious meals and snacks that are perfect for busy days. This service is ideal for meetings, events, or daily office break rooms, offering quick, balanced eating options for people on the move.



Partner with Nuthera

What corporate food solutions services does Nuthera® provide?

Nuthera® offers tailored corporate services that include corporate group meal plans, take-away catering for seminars and events, cafeteria trayline food solutions services and pop-up wellness events,

Are corporate meal plans adaptable for various dietary needs and allergies?

Yes, our corporate meal plans are fully adaptable. We cater to a wide array of dietary preferences, allergies, and special dietary needs to ensure every team member has nutritious and delicious options.

How can we implement Nuthera® corporate meal plans in our company?

We will assist you in integrating our meal plans into your company's daily routine. Our team provides convenient online ordering, flexible delivery options, and continuous support to make implementation hassle-free.

How does Nuthera® ensure food quality and safety?

Our commitment to quality is uncompromising. We source fresh, high-quality ingredients and prepare meals in a controlled, hygienic environment, adhering to strict food safety regulations. Our meals are not only delicious but also nutritionally balanced and safe.

What are the benefits of incorporating Nuthera® meal plans into our corporate wellness program?

Incorporating our meal plans can lead to a healthier, more engaged workforce. Benefits include increased energy levels, better focus, improved overall health, and a positive impact on employee morale and productivity.

Are there options for corporate discounts or subsidized meal programs?

We offer various options for corporate rates. Please contact us to discuss how we can create a program that aligns with your company's budget and wellness objectives.

Is there a support team for the corporate services offered?

Yes, our dedicated corporate services team will ensure a smooth setup and management of your corporate meal programs and events.

How can we start a partnership with Nuthera®?

Starting a partnership is easy. Reach out to us through our Corporate and Event Inquiry Form here, and a member of our team will get in touch to explore opportunities and discuss the next steps!