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Up-Close with Les Turla | Nuthera®

Meet Les Turla

What makes living a healthy lifestyle exciting is the urge to better yourself every waking day. There's no such thing as setting a goal, working towards it and stopping once achieved. Take it from Les Turla, an Executive Consultant, and one of our long-term clients.

1. What is/are your current health goal/s? Why?

I've been with Nuthera® (formerly Paleo Manilafor some time now and have partnered with them through different fitness goals. Late last year, it was to achive those elusive 6-pack abs (Unlocked!). This time around my goal is to bulk up before I go through shred mode again in January. I chose Paleo Manila® because they truly partner with you to achieve your goals the healthy way.

2. How did Paleo Manila® help you in your health journey?

Nuthera® (formerly Paleo Manila) Custom Meal Plans are a dream to anyone with allergies and food intolerances. You can get to your macros they will take care of cleaning up your meals of stuff that you're either allergic to, intolerant with or if you just don't like a certain ingredient or taste in your food. The kicker is they manage to make your meals delicious so you don't fall off the wagon and end up cleaning.

3. What is/are your piece/s of advice for beginners or people who want to also start a healthier journey just like you?

Find the best meal provider that will truly partner with you and care for you on a personal level. That's Nuthera® (formerly Paleo Manila) for me!