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Soy-Free Sweet Korean Beef Stew "Galbi-jjim"

Soy-Free Sweet Korean Beef Stew "Galbi-jjim"

NUTHERA® | Nutrition Therapy
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This sweet and savory Korean beef stew will surely impress anyone - even your kids. Imagine premium tender beef chunks slow-cooked in low-sodium sesame broth, and served with sauteed Napa cabbage and carrots. You won't want to miss these flavours on your next function.

✓ Low calorie
✓ Low sodium
✓ Lower in fat
✓ Naturally sweetened
✓ Low glycemic index

Serving Size: 90 g
Calories: 313
Protein: 26.9g (34%)
Fat: 18.3g (53%)
Carb: 10.2g (13%)

(~Php 172.50/pax)