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Keto (High Fat + Low-Carb) - 3 meals/day - Paleo Manila®

Keto (High Fat + Low-Carb) - 3 meals/day

Paleo Manila by NUTHERA®
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The Keto Diet is a very high-fat, moderate-protein, very low-carbohydrate meal plan with an FPC macro-split of 75/20/5 in which you get 75% of your calories from fat, 20% from protein, and 5% from carbohydrates.

KETO + PALEO = Paleo Manila® Paleo-Keto Meal Plan. That's right — Keto principles + the Paleo way, meaning we only use all-natural Paleo-approved ingredients and the 'good kind of fats' in each meal. The best of both worlds combined in your meal plan.

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