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Frequently Asked Questions: Nuthera's 9.9 Flash Sale

What is the 9.9 Flash Sale?

The 9.9 Flash Sale is a limited-time event where Nuthera offers exclusive discounts on a range of products and meal plans. These discounts will be revealed on an hourly basis, providing a dynamic and engaging shopping experience.


When does the 9.9 Flash Sale start and end?

The sale starts at 12:00 AM and ends at 11:59 PM on the day of the event.


How can I participate in the 9.9 Flash Sale?

Visit our website at to get access to the deals. We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media for real-time updates.


Is there a limit on how many items I can purchase?

Each hourly deal may have its own set of terms and conditions, including purchase limits. Be sure to read the details carefully before making a purchase.


How do I find out about each hourly deal?

The specific nature of each deal will be revealed at the beginning of each hour on our website and social media channels.


Can I combine hourly deals with other ongoing promotions?

Unless otherwise specified, the hourly deals cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts.


What if I miss an hourly deal?

Each deal is only available for one hour. If you miss it, you’ll have to wait for the next hourly deal to be revealed.


How quickly will the discounted items be shipped?

Our standard shipping policies apply, although you can expect a slight delay due to high order volumes. We recommend reading our shipping policies for more information.


Can I return or exchange items bought during the Flash Sale?

Our standard return and exchange policies apply to items bought during the Flash Sale. Please refer to our Returns & Exchanges policy for more details.


What if I encounter issues during the checkout process?

If you experience any issues, please contact our customer immediately for assistance.


Will the Flash Sale affect the quality or freshness of the meal plans?

Absolutely not. You can expect the same high-quality, freshly-prepared meals that Nuthera is known for, even during the Flash Sale. 


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