Calorie Counted Meal Plan Programs

Calorie-Counted Plans

Your calorie needs are unique, just like you. Dive into understanding how our plans cater to your specific requirements.

Choosing Your Calorie Range

Each body has its unique caloric requirements. Find a range that aligns with your weight goals and activity levels.

1200-1400 kcal Plan

Perfect for those with a sedentary lifestyle aiming for weight loss.

1500-1700 kcal Plan

Ideal for those with moderate activity levels, looking to maintain or gradually shed weight.

1800-2000 kcal Plan

Great for those with an active lifestyle or higher energy demands, aiming to sustain or slightly reduce weight.

What to Expect in Your Plan

A variety of nutrient-dense meals packed with flavors tailored to your chosen calorie range.

Ready to Order?

  1. Select your preferred Calorie-Counted Plan.
  2. Choose the duration – daily, weekly, or monthly.
  3. Checkout and await your tailor-made meals.

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