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Client Name: Archie Chiang (@archiechiang)
Subscription Level: 6-MONTH BEAST Package
Meal Plan Type: Paleo Manila® PLUS+ Portion
Client Requirement/s: Clean cut via clean eating, lower cholesterol levels, improve energy for intense workouts
[Photo above is client's 4-MONTH progress update]
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"Way back 2014 when Paleo Manila® started, I decided to give it a try but I always ended up cheating. I am, for the most part, physically active but as far as proper clean eating went? I didn’t know what the right thing to do was. Fastfood, junkfood, alcohol - name it, I had it. I'd follow whatever diet that I'd read about on the internet, but I'd always fail because it was never sustainable. · Multiple times I tried, only to fail because I never really understood it. Whenever I see the tiniest results, I would celebrate by having the biggest, dirtiest meal I've had. In effect, I was always bloated, gassy and have issues with my stomach and digestive track, and worse was I thought all of that was NORMAL. Then I decided I didn’t want to think of myself as a failure, and that I deserved this lifestyle change. When I read, learned and truly understood more about the science behind Paleo Manila®, everything clicked."
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"Slowly but surely working consistently to drop my body fat all the way to 12%. I used to be 24% body fat & 205lbs for a very long time then 19% 2 weeks ago and now 16% at 193lbs 1st. The 1st result said 14% body fat but i tested again knowing that I'm not there yet. Thank you @expresssupplements for the nutritional support. Thank you @paleomanila for the delicious fit meals!  ? Mags Villafuerte (@magsv)