Our Story

How it Started

Established in February 2014, Threetop Group Ventures Inc. (TGVI) was born out of the group’s aspiration to make healthy living more convenient to Filipinos. We launched our flagship brand in April 2014, Paleo Manila®, and has since been known as one of the pioneer reliable meal plan delivery services in the Philippines.

Realizing the gap in our country in terms of health, we put all our energies into building a nutrition solutions company that focuses on food manufacturing, meal planning, online bakery and catering services offering a solution to improve the quality of lives of our community.

Launching Paleo Manila®, the brand that built nuthera®

Paleo Manila® focuses on serving made-from-scratch meal plans using only all-natural ingredients and eliminates all gluten, grains, dairy, soy, and preservatives from the diet. All meal plans are scientifically designed by its company's in-house registered nutritionist-dietitians, chefs, and dedicated R&D team. 

Having solidified our understanding our clients' complex individualized needs,  Paleo Manila® became known to be the go#1 Paleo Meal Plan delivery service company, who puts clients first always.
We also specialize in Custom Meal Plans to improve the condition of their food sensitivities and chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, renal disease, cancer, among others.

Likewise, when Keto started making waves in the country,  Paleo Manila® became the first to offer Keto Premium Meal Plans - meaning we only use all-natural Paleo-approved ingredients and the 'good kind of fats' in each meal. The best of both worlds combined in your meal plan.

Launching nuthera® Rx Medical Meal Plans

Last March 2019, we launched Rx Medical Meal Plans under nuthera®.

Rx is a medically-focused meal plan designed specifically to facilitate healing and recovery of individuals from chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Rx meal plans follow the DASH Diet principle. DASH, which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, is a well-balanced diet recommended by the USDA to treat high blood pressure. 

Through its mission, TGVI has evolved from being a homecooked healthy meal plan delivery service to becoming an actively growing nutrition therapeutics company. To represent this evolution, the brand was developed in April 2017 to serve as the new name of the group. 

Launching NuGrocery during the pandemic

Keeping our clients' health and safety in mind during the pandemic, NuGrocery is nuthera's online grocery store that provides healthy food essentials with timely convenience. Aside from its vast selection of fresh produce, meats, and poultry, health enthusiasts will be glad to find a mindfully prepared pantry of ready-to-eats at their disposal.

Physical groceries, wet markets, and supermarkets still get packed with people because people need to go out to buy supplies, This makes social distancing less effective. NuGrocery helps our clients stay safe while taking care of their families' health always.

Evolving into our long-term brand vision fully as Nuthera®, this 2021.

With the ecosystem TGVI has built through the years to enable our clients to achieve their fitness and health goals through its products, nuthera has evolved from being a homecooked healthy meal plan delivery service to becoming an actively growing nutrition therapeutics company. To represent this evolution, the brand was developed in April 2017 to serve as the new name of the group. 

This 2021, we officially launch as Nuthera® which stands for “Nutrition Therapy”, as we continue our mission into uplifting our community's health starting from the smallest unit of the society  our families and ourselves.

Nutrition Therapy a.k.a. Nuthera® vision to help people live better, meaningful, quality lives as they work towards being their best selves starting with food.

At Nuthera, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way individuals approach their health and wellness journey. As the foremost authority in personalized nutrition, we combine the expertise of our seasoned nutritionists with innovative technology to create customized meal plans that cater to each individual's unique dietary needs and preferences.

Manufacturing lifestyle, therapeutic, medical and evidence-based, science-backed ready to eat meal plans and snacks, our commitment to delivering exceptional results, backed by scientific research, has earned us the trust of thousands of satisfied clients and positioned us as the preferred choice for those seeking a transformative and sustainable approach to their nutrition and well-being.

Our company instills in its team a customer-centric culture of continuous learning, innovation, teamwork, integrity, stewardship, and excellence. 
Through the harmonious relationships fostered internally, the Nuthera® team strives to provide a responsive and reliable service that truly listens to its clients’ needs and aims to surpass its customers' expectations. 

Thoughtfully-made, Nutrient-dense, Made with conscious ingredients. Nutrition First, Quality Always.

We are Nuthera®.