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Up-close with Dr. Christian J. Flores, MD, FPCP, DipIBLM | Nuthera®

Meet Dr. Christian J. Flores, MD, FPCP, DipIBLM, Institute Director of The Medical City’s Wellness and Aesthetics Institute


I came across Nuthera® as a referral from our in house physician nutritionist and to be honest, I was skeptical.

My work exposes me to people who are in different stages of their weight management journey and "healthy food delivery meals" are typically perceived as "bland". Nuthera® promises flavorful, healthy meals so I tried their therapeutic meal plan for 6 weeks while monitoring my weight and LDL cholesterol.

After 6 weeks, I lost at least 6 lbs and my LDL cholesterol went down from 190 mg/dl to 141 mg/dl without the use of medications and with minimal physical activity or exercise.

Skeptic no more, I now rely on Nuthera® to provide healthy food options to my patients who are in need of nutritional intervention to manage their chronic conditions.

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