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NuLife+ Online Consultation 3-Session Package (Diet And Lifestyle)

NuLife+ Online Consultation 3-Session Package (Diet And Lifestyle)


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NuLife+ Online Consultation 3-Session Package (Diet And Lifestyle)

This package contains 3 sessions of 1:1 online consultation with a certified Lifestyle Doctor & Nutritionist comfortably done from the comfort of your home. Best for those who need that extra hand holding to establish good habits. This series is designed for those seeking sustained, strategic guidance in their health journey, spanning a three-month period.

What You Get:

  • (3) Consults + (3) Health Check-In

    • 30-Minute LM Physician Consultation: Discuss your health goals and medical history to formulate a lifestyle plan.

    • 30-Minute Nutritionist-Dietitian Consultation: Receive a personalized diet plan tailored to your needs.

    • Progressive Personalized Health Assessment and Goal Setting with Tailor-for-You Nuthera Diet Plan: Continuous monitoring and adaptation of your health and nutrition strategy. Progressive goal setting and support in lifestyle management. Direct access to our team for queries and support between consultations.

    • Prescription Medication: If needed, receive prescriptions for appropriate medications by our partner experts.

    • Exclusive Health Plus E-Kit: Gain access to valuable resources to support your wellness journey.

Ideal For: Individuals looking for a consistent, supportive framework to achieve significant and lasting health improvements. Particularly beneficial for those navigating complex health goals or requiring long-term lifestyle changes.

Best Paired With: Our tailored NuLife+ 3-Month Meal Plan, meticulously designed to align with your evolving health needs and consultation feedback. This integration ensures a cohesive and holistic approach to your wellness journey, encompassing both dietary guidance and expert consultation.

The true strength of the NuLife+ programs lies in the synergy between the expert consultations and the accompanying meal plans Whether you choose the single consult for an immediate wellness boost or the 3-month series for in-depth support, pairing them with our customized meal plans amplifies the benefits, providing a comprehensive, client-focused approach to health and wellness.

How It Works:

    1. Book a Consult: Add to Cart a NuLife+ Online Consultation (Diet And Lifestyle) via

    2. Schedule Consultation: After purchase, click here to book your initial consultation. You'll receive a Google Calendar invite and meeting link upon confirmation.

    3. Pre-AssessmentComplete the pre-assessment lifestyle form before your consultation.

    4. Consultation: Attend a Google Meet session with both an LM physician and an RND. Each consultation lasts about 30 minutes.

    5. Your NuLife Journey Begins: Start implementing your personalized wellness plan and receive ready-to-eat healthy meals delivered right to your door, with ongoing support from our expert team.

Your Wellness Journey Starts Here

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