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Collection: NUTHERA® Rx: The Nutrition Trusted by Doctors

NUTHERA® Rx is an umbrella of different types of medical nutrition therapy approaches that targets various cardiovascular, respiratory, and genetic diseases prevalent in the current.

® Rx Meal Plans are primarily targeted towards individuals that may or may not have been put under hospital care that need more support, especially the ones that had just stepped down from a higher level of care, or at a loss on how to provide themselves or their loved ones the proper after-care they need post-diagnosis. 

Our meal plans are also perfect for those seeking preventive care, to those who are inclined to genetic predisposition and has an increased likelihood of developing a particular disease. 

NUTHERA® Rx aims to provide optimal cellular function through the provision of a balanced macro and micro nutrient menu profile. By utilizing the function of nutrition to be able to facilitate the highest level of vitality, healing and lasting recovery and improvement on the clients' well-being.

We are looking to help our patients gain freedom by encouraging them to take charge of their medical conditions, so they are in control of their disease rather than their disease being in control of them.
Yes, it is possible to prevent pre-hypertension and prediabetes from developing into type/stage 2 segments. 

By consuming
 healthy whole food, addressing overweight and staying at a healthy weight, and committing to some physical activity—which can be a walk or two daily—can help get your blood glucose level back into the normal range.
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