“Paleo Manila” Officially Renames to Nuthera®

Nuthera® | Nutrition Therapy, one of the pioneer premium meal delivery services in Manila, Philippines, has announced last June 21, 2021 that in line with the Company's strategic plans, Paleo Manila has officially renamed as "Nuthera®”.

 The change of name is a embodies the Company's vision of bringing health and wellness to every Filipino. Knowing that there is a continuous and pertinent need to address the health concerns of Filipinos, "Nuthera®” is committed to continuously educating people on the meals they are consuming, if they contribute to health or instead, rob them off they greatest wealth, so they can make better choices.

Strategic Upgrade Focusing on Meal Plans, With a New Name and Health Mission

The renaming of our brand from “Paleo Manila” to “Nuthera®" embodies (4) tiers of meaning: 

  • Nutrition Solutions For Every Diet And Lifestyle 

Firstly, From “Paleo “Manila To “Nuthera®”, represents the Company's initiative to offer just Paleo meals, but also to accommodate other diets and lifestyles. With this, we will be able to communicate more effectively how we can help you live a better quality life starting with your daily meals.

  • The Power Of Food As Covid-19 Immunity For Your Family 

Secondly, the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 has given rise to the vulnerability of lives and the importance of physical, mental and emotional health. Health and wellness have become the highest priority of individuals of all ages.

Maintaining an optimal level of health and wellness is absolutely crucial to live a higher quality life, especially during the pandemic. From “Paleo Manila” to “Nuthera®”, health has always been our brand’s core mission.

Our transition from “Paleo “Manila To “Nuthera®” will be able to communicate more effectively how we can help you keep your family’s immune system build up and stay at its peak especially during this pandemic.

  • A Healthy Future Starts With Yourself, Family 

Thirdly, we believe that a healthy future starts with yourself. If we put a little extra effort into understanding what we are eating, we will be eating more wholesome meals and snacks (good fat, protein, and fiber), which will in turn reduce your cravings for those tempting sugar and fat combinations. This will help improve our energy, right along with our performance at work.

We aim to educate people that what tastes good in the moment is not always the best for us in the long term. We understand that it is not easy to say no when habits are not formed early, so we aim to start with the smallest unit - the family. We know it takes time to prepare meals by yourself, this is why Nuthera® aims to save you precious time so you can focus on the things that matters the most.

  • Uplifting The Nutrition Ecosystem Of The Philippines

 Last but not least, the renaming from “Paleo “Manila to “Nuthera®” aims to strengthen the synergy of the Company and its subsidiaries (Paleo Manila Nuthera® Rx, NuGrocery) - which offers thoughtfully made, nutrient dense meals and snacks made with conscious ingredients.

Nuthera® aims to empower and equip their clients with knowledge through food for a better quality of life. We believe that only when we are conscious and wide awake with the choices we make, are we able to undergo the evolving process of achieving our fullest potential. 

As too many children and adolescents in the Philippines are not growing up healthily due to inadequate diet, Nuthera®’s strategic thrust is the focus on educating every Filipino, so they themselves can start from within and instill in their families to build better habits together as a unit. This allows them the chance to avoid irreversible effects of a poor diet that eventually affects one’s performance, productivity and ability to earn as an adult, consequently affecting the quality of life of a person.   

Since the brand was established in 2014, “Nuthera®” has accumulated thousands of registered users and monthly active users, making them one of the country’s most dynamic trailblazers who continue to be committed in providing realistic nutrition solutions starting with using the power of food for prevention of diseases, serving thoughtfully-made ready-to-eat meal plans to support our clients' individual dietary needs.

Nuthera Meal Plans include various options like Paleo, Keto, Hypertensive, Diabetic, as well as Custom Plans for your individual dietary needs. Our meal plans contains zero preservatives, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners and additives, and other junk.

Comprised of clean healthy ingredients, our menu was created in a collaborative fashion between our dietitians and chefs for every lifestyle and dietary preferences. Each meal is crafted to be balanced, filling, nutrient-dense, and most importantly TASTY. 

While adhering in the future to the mission of bridging solutions between doctors, nutritionists and patients and aiming at trust, professionalism and convenience, Nuthera® will strive to become the most reliable food delivery service in the Philippines with the most pioneering, solidified, strongest brand ethos: to be a purposeful company with a heart and improve the lives of Filipinos from inside out, one conscious person at a time.

Nutrition First, Quality Always. Looking to start your NU journey? Chat with us via www.nuthera.ph or SMS/Call us at 0917 7777 657.

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