7 years ago, like how gyms, one-on-one coaching and nutrition counseling here in Manila was still on its baby stages, ‘Meal Plans’,  an even newer health solution was still struggling to find its place in society. In a city where most households would have househelps and personal chefs, dining out on weekends in new restaurants is a staple, and YouTube recipes are growing its archives day by day, we will tell you - it was not easy to fit in.

What started as us merely wanting to lose weight led us to something bigger - a vision to change the the Filipino's quality of life. Learning about the Paleo lifestyle’ taught us that ‘less is not always best’, and quality matters. And we wanted the Filipinos to know that. Alas, Paleo Manila was born.

As we listened more to our customers and the needs of the market, we wanted to solve another pain point in the market - the quality of outpatient meals. With this, we launched Rx by Nuthera. Whether as pre-disposed, preventive or for recovery, we wanted to introduce how quality nutrition made with conscious ingredients, can lead to better quality of life.

This 2020, we launched our pandemic baby NuGrocery, a one-stop, speedy next-day online grocery delivery that ensures your safety is always first. Since the crisis began, our top priority has always been the health and safety of customers and employees. With new COVID-19 strains on the rise, our team to work around the clock and invest in improving our products and services to serve you.

If you go through the journey and serve with the purest intentions, there’s no losing anything. This 2021, we were nominated to be part of the regional Asian awards - Fitness Best Asia Awards - which salutes the industry’s best who are continuously upping the ante and inspiring the community to achieve better lifestyles through exercising both the mind and body. I guess this means we’re doing something right. 

Pioneering Ready-to-Eat Meal Plans, Trusted by the Industry's Best Since 2014. This year let us introduce to you the power of nutrition - Nuthera.

A brand serves with one goal, purpose and vision: to improve the quality of life of every Filipino with thoughtfully made, nutrient-dense meals made with conscious ingredients. 

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